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About Wincraftz - Wincraftz Windows and Doors Fabricators

We are premium Wincraftz Window's and Door's Fabricators employing latest machinery for a precise and neat finish. Having state of art CNC Fabrication unit gives us edge economically and also less time taken to deliver the product.
Wincraftz Window's and Door's offers an appropriate and dependable uPVC profile systems that meets the todays need of modern infrastructure by catering to Architects, builders, promoters and individual homeovers as well as institutions. Our end to end service, after sales service and premium finish makes us the most dependable and trusted brand. We are motivated by a great desire to sustain an ecologically onscious organization and are thus on a quest to diversify our manufacturing lines to more & more "GREEN PRODUCTS" ONLY.

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Our Products

Wincraftz Window's and Door's provides you a brand new experience in the world of Window's and Door's. Window's extend beyond and are more than just a connector between the outside world and the interiors of your house.


We offers an advanced range of windows styles that can be mixed and matched for new buildings and replacement applications. All styles from inward-to outward opening, single windows to multi light windows with transoms, balcony doors, sliding windows and doors and all combination out of that can be constructed with Wincraftz Windows and Doors systems. Whether it is a folding doors or a French doors, a tilt and turn or an arched windows you are looking for, with Wincraftz uPVC windows systems the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

More than Windows

color palette

We have a wide variety of colours for your windows and doors that meet both contemporary and traditional architectural design values. Various shades similar to traditional wood help beautify your home, bringing natural shades for a soothing finish. The colors have longevity and are not prone to any discolouration. The usage of uPVC windows also helps in saving wood and our forests thus having a positive impact on our environment.

Off White
Dark Gray
Golden Oak
Brown Oak
Rustic Oak

Build To Perform

Termite Proof

uPVC Window's and Door's are a superior option to wood and aluminium.

Weather Resistant

Built with engineering precision.

Sound Insulation

uPVC Window's and Door's systems utilize a multi-chambered profile design with double seal technology.

Strong & Secure

uPVC Window's and Door's systems have been engineered to allow the secure fitting of hinges.

Wind Load

This provides excellent application flexibility for today's modern high rise building structure.

UV Resistant

uPVC Window's and Door's systems are capable of protecting from high UV index.

Energy Efficient

uPVC is an excellent proposition for fenestration solutions due to its inherent warmth.

Self Extinguishing

uPVC will not support combustion and will not spread the fire on its own.

Sensibly Green

uPVC Window's and Door's are a superior option to wood and aluminium.

Our Profile Compliances and Certification